JULY 1ST, 2020

From Anxiety to Peace...

These are difficult times throughout the world. Join us as we pray to move from anxiety to peace by the grace of God, that we may be present and prepared to shine God's light for this moment in history.

Prayer Service July 1st, 2020.pdf


JUNE 24TH, 2020

Do you need a reset?  Pray through Colossians 3:1-3 to help reset our hearts and minds on “things above.”  

Prayer Service June 24th, 2020.pdf


JUNE 17TH, 2020

What is a Gospel Sandwich? Find out in this week's prayer service.

Prayer Service June 17th, 2020.pdf


JUNE 10TH, 2020

You make beautiful things out of the dust: praying through Psalm 103

Prayer Service June 10th, 2020.pdf


JUNE 3RD, 2020

Join us in prayer for justice and reconciliation. Download tonight's prayer guide here: Prayer Service June 3rd, 2020.pdf

After weeks and months of being immersed in the chaos and disruption of the Coronavirus, our nation now finds itself reeling in the awareness of another virus, far older and more pervasive: the disease of racism and hatred, and all its accompanying injustices and hurts. This is a time full of so many emotions, so much confusion, and so much pain. Perhaps some of us feel afraid to say anything, in the fear that we do not know enough, or may be misunderstood. Perhaps many of us feel helpless, not knowing what we can possibly do to make a difference. But let us make no mistake, brothers and sisters: this is not a time for the Church to be silent or inactive. This is a time to listen, a time to pray. This is a time to lament, a time to confess. A time to repent. A time to seek justice, reconciliation, healing, and transformation. This is a time to seek the Kingdom of God, for all people and places, starting with our own hearts once again. 


Good Friday - 2020

Good Friday Prayer Service, April 10th.pdf


Good Friday 24 Hour Prayer Guide.pdf

On Good Friday, over 65 different people took shifts to pray around the clock from 7am Friday morning to 7am Saturday morning. This was an awesome experience for our church family which we hope to do again soon!